Hope for Moore

Campaigning to Raise Awareness of the Shortage of Organ Donors

#HopeForMoore is a campaign that I started with one of my best friends, Ashley Harris Moore. Ashley is an incredible woman, mother and friend who also happens to have cystic fibrosis (CF). In 2015 her health deteriorated to the point that she urgently needed a lung transplant.  Sadly, due to a shortage of donors a person with CF will have to wait on average of 412 days for transplant, and because of this 1 in 3 people will die waiting - this motivated Ashley to start a campaign to raise awareness about the shortage of organ donors, she didn't want others to have to suffer the fear and agony of the wait like her.


Currently in England we have an opt-in donor system, this means that we have to register our wishes to be an organ donor. Even if we are registered, our loved ones may override our wishes at time of death. With only approximately a third of the population registered, 3 people die a day due to a shortage of donors. 1 person has the potential to save 6 lives. Our campaign so far has focused on encouraging people to sign the organ donor register, and telling their loved ones of their wishes #sayidonate and #tellthem


We have had incredible support for the #HopeForMoore campaign with many friends, families, strangers, celebrities, NHS Blood and Transplant and the CF Trust all sharing the message. Thankfully, due to the heroic efforts of Ashley's medical team and the generosity of a donor, we were able to announce at the end of October that Ashley had received her transplant and since then she has been progressing well. 


For more on Ashley's story, please read some of the links attached to the photos below, visit Facebook Page Ashley's Next Breath, or on twitter @sayidonate #HopeForMoore... and of course, if you haven't already, please visit www.organdonation.nhs.uk. Donating your organs after death not only saves the life of the recipient, but of the recipients family too.


You can also visit the CF Trust website to learn what they are doing to help more people with CF benefit from the gift of transplant.


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