YogaPhysio Classes

Pamela Scarborough and Ashley Harris Moore doing Yoga Physio post lung transplant for cystic fibrosis.
I teach physiotherapist-led yoga classes for people with specific health needs and conditions, either at their home or via Skype.
Yoga is an ancient tradition which incorporates physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and relaxation/meditation. There is growing body of research evaluating the effectiveness of yoga for specific health conditions which demonstrates physical and emotional benefits.
As a Physiotherapist I have a detailed understanding of illness and injury, and have been trained to restore health through exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. I love to draw on this knowledge to design personalised and holistic Yoga classes for people with specific health needs or conditions, including:
  • People living with health conditions such as respiratory disease, cancer, arthritis or low mood
  • People affected by back pain or requiring injury rehabilitation
  • New mums who are looking for recovery, re-conditioning and relaxation
  • Sportspersons looking to cross-train to improve performance and reduce injury 
Through teaching YogaPhysio classes I have seen yoga improve strength, fitness, pain, posture, incontinence, body image, chest clearance, mood, sleep, quality of life and coping-skills.
I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest yoga research and completed my Physiotherapy Masters dissertation on 'Yoga for Thoracic Kyphosis and Low Back Pain in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis (CF)'. I have presented internationally on yoga to health professionals and am excited to see a growing interest in yoga amongst both patients and clinicians in a wide range of health condtions.
I work with people privately, both in person (at their home in London or other convenient location) or via Skype. I can also teach small group classes at your home or work place. Please contact me for prices or further information if you are interested.